Kelley J. Brower - Exec Producer/Director


Kelley began her film/Tv career at 19 yrs old working as a professional actress and comedian for almost 20 years. In her early 30's, she jumped behind the camera and launched a career in film production as a first AD, Producer / Writer and Director. She's worked with various high-profile celebrities including: John Lithgow, Steve Martin, Kathleen Turner, Cynthia Nixon, Diane, Sawyer, Janeanne Garofalo, Spaulding Gray, and Joan Rivers, to name-drop a few of the really nice ones! 

Kelley has written and directed independent TV pilots, industrials, corporate training films and educational videos for several companies including AstraZeneca International,  Asahi Press and The Sociometric Institute.  In addition, Kelley has directed short films, webisodes, and several music videos for top musical acts including Belgium pop sensation Lynne Verlayne, and NYC's own DellaValle.

Kelley’s writing credits include promos for “That ‘70’s Show,” original comedy sketches for Saturday Night Special (FoxTV) starring Roseanne Barr and Queen Latifah, she also published a feature article for Cosmopolitan magazine, and wrote and edited funny animal greeting cards (the ones you see at the grocery store) for Avanti Press. 

Highly acclaimed for her work in theater, Kelley first gained recognition in New York City as the artistic director at Gotham City Improv, formerly known as The Groundlings East.  She also wrote and directed, the sketch comedy show Urban Side Effects, which had a successful six-year run off-off-off-off-off and seriously off Broadway in the West Village.  The New York Post praised her work as “very funny and poignant,” while Time Out New York wrote, “This show comes close to justifying its memorable slogan: “Like Saturday Night Live—only funnier.” 

In addition to her film/tv work, Kelley has a B.S. in Human Development & Psych Studies, a Masters in Mental Health Counseling, several professional coaching certifications and is also a psychotherapist working in a small private practice under rockstar shrink Nan Nally-Seif. As a science dork, she blends her evidenced-based theories and techniques with action methods, comedy and coaching. Kelley bravely specializes in couples counseling and working with; anxious folk, procrastinators and the super-depressed. As a filmmaker, when asked why she aspires to ultimately produce and direct her own feature-length screenplay "Tropical Depression" she snorts: “Because of films like “Booty Call.” Her shrink website;

David Tonkowich, Producer, Entrepreneur


 Creative is a word that barely scratches the surface when describing who David Tonkowich is. A Willy Wonka type mindset mixed with a whip-smart sense of humor and a genuine old soul, David’s true gift for making audiences laugh and his flawless execution are deeply appreciated on  any project he produces.  

David's career started as a student with numerous scholarships to some of the best music universities here in the US. After becoming a professional musician playing with many of today's top musicians, he realized this lifestyle was fun, but not fulfilling enough so he made the leap into the business world. While achieving his BS in Business and MBA degrees, David  worked his way up the corporate ladder in numerous top retail leadership positions.  

Currently, David is the CEO of Liberty Hearing Centers, one of  New York Ciy’s largest Audiology practices.  In addition, David has his own real estate company, Tonk Realty Group, LLC where he believes in helping his tenants by giving them a great place to live, with below-market lease rates so  everyone wins. 

Lastly, David is in the midst of launching Pinky Pops LLC, an online bakery that will blow you away with their designs and tastes. Please check them out at

With David at the helm of your project, you can kick back and relax and know that you’re in great hands.

Richard Levitt - Editor

RichBrooklyn born and bred, Rich has been fascinated with almost all aspects of film/video production since his school days. He studied film production and editing at NYU, though he devoted much of his post-college years to journalism and, in the evenings, acting in off-Broadway plays (when he was lucky enough to get the work). Fortunately, at least for his bank account, Rich was among the first editors to join the staff of Omni (the world’s first glossy science/science fiction magazine), where he wrote and edited articles on everything from home-made tornadoes to NASA’s early plans for the building of an international space station.

Documentaries, particularly those with historical or political elements, drew Rich back to film and video and continue to be among his favorite genres. Trying to get a documentary produced about America’s involvement in the 1960s’ Congo, Rich (along with It’s-A-Go Productions’ Kelley Brower), found himself sipping scotch with one of the world’s most notorious CIA station chiefs.  Shortly after superstorm Katrina hit New Orleans, Rich coordinated a corporate video project in which he had the honor of interviewing victims of the devastating hurricane.

It is just those kind of projects that, for Rich, make video production so interesting and energizing. The opportunity to step into people’s lives, whatever they consist of, is why video is so engrossing; both from the viewer’s perspective as well as the film-maker’s, and why, Rich insists, it makes the entire production process so worth the effort.

Additionally he has worked with a number of production companies in the New York area, helping to coordinate a variety of commercial and corporate projects for such diverse clients such as CBS and AstraZeneca International.

In addition to his love of actually shooting the video, Rich enjoys editing the video, and even gets a thrill out of conducting the research behind most projects, whether they be corporate profiles or full-rigged documentaries. 

Among his non-video interests, Rich draws and paints landscapes and was an eager mountaineer for a time, having climbed in the Rockies, the Sierra Nevada, the Cascades, and just a bit in the Indian Himalaya.

Check out Rich's art work: